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Mar. 8th, 2009

Carnage in Christchurch

New Zealand tour has always proved to be a nightmare for the Indian Cricket team but, this time around the situation is altogether different. Team India is on a roll now and in the past two years they have only grown from strength to strength in all formats of the game. While India remained the undisputed champions at home, their overseas performance has always come under criticism. Fair enough! Who would tolerate a quality test team from not even posting a total of 200 in neither of an innings of both the test matches played, when they toured New Zealand last time around? When India toured New Zealand the last time around in 2002-03 just before the start of the world cup, the Indian batsmen just couldn’t put a proper bat on ball. The lethal bonding of Bond – Tuffey tamed the famed Indian batting with much ease. Moreover, Christchurch has so far only proved to be a Devil’s Den where India vs. NZL has a 0 – 5 victory ratio. So, as always the thought of watching a cricket match at home on T.V proved irresistible for me.

India took on the Kiwis in the third ODI at Christchurch on Sunday (8-03-09) in the five match National Bank ODI series. The second ODI was washed out due to incessant rain. India were already one up in the series and the make up of the third ODI was all the more luring with the Little Genius Sachin showing glimpses of his batting geniuses in the second ODI. I got back home on Saturday (7th of March) and was dying to watch the match the following day.

Friday, the 7th of March, at around 19:15 Hrs, I met a couple of my school friends at our very own RK paani puri stall. As always our conversation touched all spheres of possible imagination and at last settled down to Sunday’s plans. Decision making was never a tough task for us if it was on hangouts. We decided to go for a movie (sorry, they decided and as usual I just nodded my head pretending to be okay with the decision). I would never sacrifice a chance to watch a match for some dumb movie. My friends did their best to persuade me for the movie and even went on to state that the Sunday’s match would definitely be a rain washout. I tell you, that did not please me one bit.

Beep, beepp, beeppp….. Like a visually impaired individual, I stretched my hand across the table to shut the cellbore (My MutePhone). I woke up hastily and switched on the T.V set, only to find out that I was a touch late to miss the toss. A sigh of relief to watch the stadium bathed in bright sunlight contrary to what was predicted by my friend. Shewag and Sachin strolled in. I dislodged my blanket, adjusted the pillow and comforted myself to watch, what promised to be a splendid game of cricket.

Initially, Sachin was very cautious and selective in his shot making and at the other end; shewag had no method to his madness and soon perished playing a tail ender’s slog shot. His Delhi teammate Gautam Gambhir walked in as the number 3 batsman for India and he too looked off color and was very tentative in his shot selection. He got out trying to run down a delivery to the third man area. He got out in the same fashion for the second time in this tour.

Yuvraj started off his innings with a splendid cover drive and looked good right from the start of the innings. Sachin and Yuvaraj resurrected India from the initial jitters and gradually stepped on the gas and started playing some beautiful cricket shots all around the park. Sachin carried his momentum from his last game and outclassed and dictated terms to the Kiwis. Just as everything looked bright for India, everything turned dark at home. Power cut!!!! Imagine my plight! Once in a while I get to watch a cricket match and when I do get a chance to watch sachin in full flow, these things happen. By the time my T.V got back to life, the Kiwis hopes had already died. Sachin had butchered their bowlers all around the park and with cameos from Yuvaraj, Dhoni and Raina, India piled up a huge total of 393 on the board.


As expected, the black caps came out all guns blazing and Jesse Ryder proved too hot to handle. The Ryder bazooka fired time and again and with Mccullum playing the way he normally does, the duo batted India out of the game. The Indian captain led from the front but, this time for a lost cause and dropped an absolute sitter behind the stumps off the bat of the marauding Ryder, then followed a flurry of drop catches, high school bowling and sloppy fielding. The ball sailed past the ropes time and again and the opening partnership was soaring at a pace of 8 runs an over. It looked as if the Indians gave up hope and their body language on the field was evident of this fact. They were waiting for the Kiwis to make a mistake and fortunately for the Indians, Ryder obliged to their unsung request and committed a fatal mistake by chancing Raina’s arm only to leave his helpless partner in absolute despair. That very run out cost New Zealand the match and that triggered a string of wickets to fall and all of a sudden the black caps were down in the doldrums.

Even after losing 8 wickets, the Kiwis never gave up. The spectators got their moneys worth and were treated to some delightful stroke play even at the fag end of the match. The new ball partners Southie and Mills used the long handle to good effect and sent the spectators in the crowd for cover. Munaf Patel, the weak link in the Indian pace attack experienced the drubbing of the summer from the Kiwi tail Enders. The best part was that, even after such humiliation he managed to project a smile, Kudos to the selection committee. Much to the relief of the Indian fans, he was removed from the attack for sending down two consecutive beamers in the same over. India finally managed to get their noses in front across the finish line.

The only consolation of the match was that of Sachin’s delightful innings. An absolute treat to watch. SACHIN, 43 AND COUNTING…………

Mar. 2nd, 2009

Midsummer Night’s Dream

I could hear the murmurs from the other side of the door. The shadows gradually sneaked into the room. I tried my best to avert my attention from the engulfing dark shadow and turned off the lamp hoping to fade away the stretching silhouette. The rhythmic spattering of the rain drops on the asbestos knocked on my senses with equal intervals. The thought of spending the remaining six hours alone in my room haunted me. For once, time haunted me! The beautiful white curtains which had its moments of admiration and praise have now turned its ugly face on me. Familiarity breeds contempt but that very night it catalyzed the willies. My little room out of no where started showing ominous signs of hostility. My pupil dilated as I tried to discern the aberration in the normalcy of my room. I slowly slid into my slippers and ambled across my study table and edged close to the windowpane.
I couldn’t digest the fact that my yellow bordered little window that portrayed the finest of morning hours that embraced the golden rays with balanced dignity is now pretending to be a host for several hundred raging, blood thirsty demons. I turned around at a pace that would have made the wachowski brothers proud. I looked at the wall clock, a sigh of relief as the clock ticked past four. A sudden gust of wind pushed me back and it howled out in the trees. I threw myself onto the cot, rolled under the blanket and slid my face amidst the pillows. I began to chant all my forgotten prayers; I started cursing myself for opting not to accompany my parents and for resorting to stay all alone. Little did I move, I could feel the pulse motoring up, the bedspread wrinkled into a spider’s web in no time. The illusion of someone breathing down my neck loomed large. Phat, Phat, two familiar heavy blows on my back. I was on the verge of letting the world know how loud I could yell. I did the superman thing, stood up all of a sudden holding onto my blanket and starred at a figure that has co-existed with me for 21 years. The darkness has evaded and everything looked the way it used to be. Time to School, blurted the silhouette standing in front of me. Gosh! Chimera was better than reality.



Feb. 23rd, 2009


The desperation to make my blog better than my previous posts has for once turned trivial to me. Well, as you guessed it right, I am very much not in the mood to blog. The very thought of today’s flop show (21-02-09) gets me worked up a little. Defeat has embraced me as frequent as victory has but, still it annoys me when I get so close to tasting success and at last end up with bitter defeat. To be fair enough I haven’t even made anything clear as to what I am talking about. Okay! Let’s get on with it.

Wednesday (18-02-09):
This week (16th of Feb ’09 to 22nd of Feb ’09) has been a mix of fortunes as far as my quizzing stint goes. On the 18th of Feb ’09, “The Economic Times” hosted a quiz competition at GRD College. The quiz master for the competition was “Tata Crucible” famed Giri, a burly man whose voice could well be classified as Death Metal genre. GRD has always proved to be an exotic college if not for educational aspects but at least for other reasons. It wasn’t a working day so, our anticipation went in vain. Much to our surprise we came to know that it was an out and out business quiz and not a general quiz. We were under-prepared as always but, still stuck to the ritual of giving it a shot. The prelims proved to be relatively easy and we did fairly well. When the results were out, we were a bit upset that we couldn’t make it to the finals. The frustration peaked all the more when the Quiz master disclosed the prizes for the top six finalists. As always we stayed back to watch the finals and that did not go in vain as we managed to grab four audience prizes. Post Quiz, we managed to have a word with the Quiz master. We told him about our Quiz club and that we also have a proposal of hosting an open quiz in our college.

Thursday (19-02-09):
The department of Computer Science hosted an intra college Quiz competition as part of their 3 day fest which they termed as Sieger. We managed to win the quiz even though there was stiff competition from my club mates. That proved as an impetus for us and the win in the quiz competition made us to top the list after Day 1 of Sieger.

Saturday (21-02-09):
My outdated gizmo missed out to wake me up by 5 ‘o’ clock and fortunately, Deepak did the work of my alarm but understandably with a humanly delay of half an hour. We were instructed by our Placement officer to be ready by 6-15, that meant I had only 45 minutes before hell broke loose. I managed to be there on time, only to find that not all are as foolish as I am. Only a few had come. We (I and Deepak) decided to take a look at the proceedings leading up to today’s (22-02-09) eco club trek, a trek primarily organized for the first years. We reached the cricket field where around 50 first year students were present along with a handful of club coordinators, who were supervising the others. We started from college by 6-45 and reached PSG medical college by 8-15. The event TRANSITION’09 organized by CTS encompassed many events like movie making, paper presentation, ultimate techie, stall presentation and the all important Quiz (“AWE”). It was clinically organized and the event got underway at around 10-20 a.m. Much to our surprise, around 100 teams were there for quiz alone. The prelims got underway with “Lloyd” being the Quiz master. The preliminary round was easy and we got 15 out of 20 correct.

We had to endure a long break between prelims and the finals, which was the final event of the day. Fortunately, the anchor kept me occupied for the major phase of the idle period. She reminded me of my school senior. A tall and fair complexioned lady tidily attired in a dark green saree. She was gorgeous till lunch, (doesn’t make sense eh?) well, post lunch had a different story altogether. After lunch, I went in search of the free ice-cream that everyone was relishing on. I grabbed my cup and tasted it standing in front of one of the entrances to the auditorium. I accidentally happened to spot this girl sitting on the steps along with few of her friends. She was the odd one out of the bunch because, she was in salwars and the rest wore jeans and t-shirts. Coincidence you may call it, we both glanced at each other at the same instance. She looked like a mallu and that spurred my inquisitiveness further. She had the look of an innocent chubby kid with gleaming eyes beautifully bordered with an eye liner. I then resorted to concentrate on my ice-cream (this is how I portrayed myself) and occasionally I gaped at her. I decided to seek my classmate’s assistance to confirm what unfolded before my eyes. I then, asked ambi (rengerajan) to check if she was looking for me and I decided not to look at her again. Ambi as always proved to be a master in these matters, answered me in the affirmative and tell you what! That pleased me in fact, that delighted me. She then went inside the auditorium and I obliged to her silent invitation and convinced my friends as well to enter the auditorium. For about one hour this fairy tale continued before she left the place. I couldn’t do much as the results for the prelims was about to be disclosed in a matter of minutes.

I was a bit tensed and was on the edge of my seat. The quiz master disclosed the first name and much to our surprise we found ourselves as the first team to qualify. I was very much excited and we ambled across to the stage with huge applause from the mammoth audience. I was so absorbed by the moment that I just did not notice the beautiful anchor giving us some instructions. The quiz then got underway with teams from KCT, PSG TECH, AMRITA, CIT AND GCT (I GUESS) completing the top six teams. The first round did not fetch us any points but, by the end the second round we were tied at first place with CIT. The next three rounds were buzzer rounds which meant pace had to be mixed with caution, caution of earning negative marks for a wrong answer. We were out of sorts and couldn’t do much about the remaining rounds. The last round had only 3 questions and carried +15 for a correct answer and a -10 for a wrong answer. We had no other option but to go after the questions if we were to finish among the top 3 spots. Two wrong answers and that put us on the darker side of zero. Disappointment, frustration, anger and everything except happiness crept in one by one. Though everyone consoled us saying that it was a brave effort to risk in the final round, we couldn’t digest it that easily. I had to return home so that I could finish off the police verification for my passport.

Feb. 10th, 2009

A Humdinger of a Contest!

All you young kids watching this match, this is how you need to play the straight drive. Everything so perfect about that shot, high elbow, weight going onto the front foot and balance impeccable! Completely bemused the batsman with that delivery! What a delivery! That spun at right angles and took the off stump bail. These are some of the common comments that all of us get to hear when either of the two, be it the batting genius, Sachin Tendulkar or the Spin king, Shane Warne orchestrate their cricketing brilliance. Rivalries turn into legacies when the best in the business take on each other. The length of eternity has always witnessed occasional glimpses of the best of mortal ability. History is scripted when titans clash and when all boils down to a battle of wits and ability. The battle between Sachin and Warne still stands unparalleled in the history of cricket.

A contrasting start for both their careers unfolded. Sachin had to confront the Pakistani pace attack at their own backyard whereas, Warne had the acid test of bowling to the best players of spin in the world, the Indians. Warne was butchered by Ravi Shastri who scored 206 and eventually fell to the debutant leggie. An out of the ordinary contest gradually evolved between Sachin and Warne from Sydney in 1991 when, one was trying to defy age and prove himself at the international circuit while the other, made his debut. Time and again, the cricketing world was caught in anticipation when these two legends battled each other. Warne was a class apart in the art of spin bowling and his guile and variations proved too good for many batsmen that, after a length of time wickets fell at his will. Like a prophecy, he made it a habit to induce uncertainty in the batsmen's mind. Among the very elite group of players who stood a match to Warne's conundrum was the little master Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin complemented his natural ability with out-and-out practice and his hunger for runs never dried out. A stance that is perfectly balanced and the ability to play the ball late provided him the extra luxury of making late adjustments.

Among the famous duels with Warne, the most enchanting series was the Australian tour to India in the early 1998. Tendulkar was at his prime and so was Warne and what unfolded proved to be a gripping contest between bat and ball. Sachin emerged the better of the two and piled up three consecutive centuries in that series. Warne's ploy to attack the batsmen from round the wicket and to exploit the rough backfired and was only left as a mere admirer at the master's class as he swept and pulled the leggie onto the mid-wicket and the square leg region with ease. The Border-Gavaskar trophy was once again retained by India. Warne found it tough to be at the receiving end. Sachin's 155 against the Aussies at Chennai still remains as one of his top test hundreds.

Well! If 1998 series provided high quality test cricket, what followed was awe-inspiring one day contest. India, Australia and New Zealand locked horns in a triangular series in Sharjah. India had a must win situation in their last of their league matches against Australia in order to qualify for the finals against the same opponent. The stage was set for a cracker of a match. Big stages bring the best out of the best players and Sachin came up with two brilliant knocks to seal the tournament. Shane Warne tried all that he had in his arsenal and Sachin was equal to it and dictated terms to the opponents. His paddle sweep, inside out shots and wristy glances left the champion bowler dumb founded. He was quick on his feet whenever he rocked onto the back foot or danced down the track against Warne. Following the series Warne ruefully joked that he was having nightmares about his Indian nemesis. Sachin also crafted a magnificent century at Melbourne in 1999 when India toured Australia. The Master's ability to score against the best of bowlers even in hostile conditions has earned him the aura that all of us associate with Sachin Tendulkar.

Shane called it quits on December 21st 2006. The fifth and final test at Sydney was his final outing as an International cricketer. He bid farewell at the same place where he started his journey exactly fifteen years back. The champion on the other side is still going strong.
It is only fair to say that, these two contemporary greats did justice to cricket's surname which some regard as "The Gentlemen's game". The mutual respect that they shared for each other is remarkable. Shane recently divulged his list of top 50 players and not surprisingly, he crowned the little master as the best, rating him ahead of the Caribbean prince, Brian Lara. The legendary battles between the two giants of the game will always remain a marvel for generations to come.

Dec. 28th, 2008


It is intriguing to notice the nature of us – the lesser mortals. I seriously doubt if I explicitly need to qualify the word mortals with the adjective “lesser” when there are concrete reasons for the fact that it goes without saying. The recent Mumbai carnage has really been shocking and it is has left a deep scar in the hearts of many innocent people for sure but, it once again stands a proof for the sphere of duality that we have encircled for ourselves. The same people who now make the fullest use of their intellectual ability to reason and question the acts and the negligence of our so called Government, have always remained quiescent when no personal loss happened and when some distant compatriot was the sufferer. In Independent India (except for the liberation of a few thousand issues like communalism, terrorism, capitalism……..I still wish to term my country as Independent) egotism has outraced patriotism. Our reluctance to stand up for our fellow citizen’s cause against our own fellow men is still the reason for us being done in by even lesser mortals like the terrorists and politicians. It is comical to even think about using phrases like lesser mortals, even lesser mortals etc…. but, I find nothing wrong in doing so, for we as Human beings are constantly on the lookout for bastardizing Humanity. My intention here is not to vilify the human race in totality but to talk reality. Now that I have given an introduction about human nature for those of you who don’t know (Ahem…) lets narrow down on my intention.

I started this piece of blog on the first day of the Mumbai attack and due to unprecedented events happening in the due course I mean, I had my VII semester and I had no other option but to delay the completion of this posting. I guess some of you might be wondering how could semesters stretch to a span of one month or more then, all I can tell you is “If you are under Anna University everything is possible”. The subsequent proceedings of the Government conveys a rather humiliating sign that we pretend to sleep until our as*** are on fire. This is not the first time our neighbors have failed to check whom they call “non state actors”. This is not the first time the noble terrorists who fight for a greater noble cause have intruded into our border. In fact, the intrusion is so deep that they don’t find it tough even to peep into our parliament, which is the rendezvous of our legally elected terrorists who meet up quite often, if not to devise beneficial measures to their compatriots but, at least to drive the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha speaker crazy. To be fair enough we, as the masses need to take the brunt of the blame. Ignorance might be bliss in many aspects but, it is not when it comes to electing your state’s and country’s representatives. When you know that the gentlemen clad in white are no better than the tidily attired terrorists, why do you have to cast your vote in favor of them? If prohibition of the fundamental right of a citizen is a crime, so is exercising the same right for a wrong cause.

Communalism is worse than terrorism and the politicians are adept at exploiting it. The public of Maharastra remained mute when Raj Thackrey proclaimed that no non-maharastrian should stay in the state. No one gave a damn about what was said and what was done. Every one of us saw footages of many innocent non-maharastrian being beaten up by Raj Thackeray’s men. Even the Bachans were not spared. Every crime in this country is candid and each one of us know the entire story behind it and the men behind the screen as well but we seem to ignore it. Not once or twice but it happens so regularly that some even say “chod dho yaar, yeh tho mamooli hae”. Are we consciously blind or are we so self absorbed that we adorn patriotism and religious tolerance only for a cricket match. I certainly respect those few unbiased and patriotic souls who lost their lives fighting to save others. The aftermath of the terrorist attacks were even more disheartening. One politician quotes “But for the NSG commander even, dog wouldn’t visit your home”, and this statement was the only commiseration that the politician could afford to a dad who lost his only son, a major aged 31 who died fighting the terrorists. Another politician even goes to the extent of saying that the death of one of the policemen is politically motivated. Our politicians even go to the extent of opting such down market ploy to bank the election votes.

Human values seem to be an outdated commodity. I have always said and believed that Darwin was a prophecy. It’s down to the survival of the fittest. An unwritten rule that speaks little about human values and more about materialism, inconsiderateness has embedded itself in our consciousness.

If innocent lives have to be massacred,
If blood is the only answer to wash our opacity from kindness,
If a perpetrator is the only teacher who could teach us the wisdom of oneness then
None is holier-than-thou.

Nov. 29th, 2008


Beautiful delivery!!! Just short of length drawing the batsmen forward making him to reach out for the drive... Bowled himmmmm!!! Done the batsmen in with an absolute peach of a delivery... Well disguised googly did the trick this time… Well these comments and much more will not be heard anymore with the Legend Kumble calling it quits on Nov 2nd at the Feroz Shah Kotla. It was a shock for the entire Nation as the retirement came much earlier than expected. Relentless, perseverance, impeccable precision …….. All these qualities can be attributed to this humble cricketer who has been a fantastic ambassador for the game of Cricket. Cricket is known as the “Gentlemen’s Game” but, only a few contemporary players know that Cricket carries this tag also with it. Kumble is definitely a great role model for up coming cricketers. He has showed us the right way to go about the game on and off the field. In a career spanning over 18 years, this Gentle Giant has always proved to be a fierce competitor who would be always at you, relentless in his approach, very aggressive but, still without involving in sledging that has almost consumed the modern day cricket.

The Indian Cricket team has done exceedingly well in test matches for the past 8 to 10 years or so. Overseas victories which were nothing more than a dream slowly started to become tangible results. Series victories in England, West Indies, Pakistan and test match victories in Australia, South Africa all were witnessed in the last decade. All materialized purely due to some great contributions from the old horses like Kumble, Sachin, Sourav, Rahul and not to miss out the under-rated VVS. These guys have done yeoman service to Indian and World Cricket. Now that two will be missing from this list is really sad news for any Indian cricket fan. First Sourav and now Anil have decided to hang their boots. These are huge shoes to fill in and I’m supremely confidant that this void created by their departure will not be filled that easily.

“Everything has an end”. True! But the manner in which one gets to retire is worth mentioning. India has always been a myth and will continue to be one, not just for outsiders but also for many of us. This is a land of extremes. One even gets to see someone building a shelter for 8000 crores and at that same time you could also get to see significant proportion of the population living without shelter. The Media in particular can even be termed as The Prophecy .These guys have their own flair of getting things done just for the sake of commercializing their business. Constant pressure on the senior pros regarding their retirement has done no good to these great players who deserve an even better farewell than what we have and what we are about to give them. This era for me is the Golden era of Indian Cricket. This is my personal opinion and I give a damn for those who would want to contradict me. For many sports is all about results and for a few souls it’s all about professionalism, clinical approach, technique and charm. These “fab five” all have stamped their authority on the game with their unique style.

Sourav - the Prince of Kolkata, the God of Offside is by far the most aggressive captain India has witnessed. His entry to the Indian team in the One Day format is not so significant but the way he blasted his way into the pure format of the game is incredible. The sparkling hundred against England on his debut at the Mecca of cricket will always be remembered by many of us. The way he drove the ball on the offside , his square cuts split the gap with utmost precision . It wasn’t a flat deck on which he creamed the bowlers but, it was pretty hostile for batting when he came onto the field for the first time. Overcast conditions, movement on and off the pitch and to compound it England had Mullaly, Tudor and Cork in their ammunition. Sourav established his authority with many great knocks like the 124(if I’m not wrong) against Pakistan in Dhaka, his consecutive four man of the match awards at Toronto , 140 odd at Brisbane , Nat west finals and many more are worth cherishing. He was a natural timer of the cricket ball, his offside play was Godly and the way he transformed the Indian team from a submissive unit to an aggressive outfit was remarkable. He was brutal against spinners and the way he dances down the track and clears the boundary is a sight worth treasuring. He led the team with flair and confidence in the 2003 edition of the World Cup and that would go down in the record books of Indian Cricket. I certainly feel Sourav did not deserve the ill-treatment he got from the spectators, media, the selectors for sure when he was out of the team. He still proved his mettle by making a remarkable comeback and showed that class is permanent and form is temporary. He would always be remembered as someone who would never say die even at the dearth of motivation. A remarkable one day player and an elegant left hander who had his own panache of going about his work .Dada, we’ll miss you for sure.

Now this section is about someone whom I admire and respect so much. Well, it’s no big surprise it’s Anil Kumble. I developed a penchant for his bowling at a very young age. I still remember my school days when I was in fourth or fifth standard and we use to play tennis ball cricket at my friend Abinow’s place in Tatabad. It really is comical to revisit the past when as a kid I was over-ambitious and tried to bowl leg spin with a tennis ball. I admired his approach and his relentless nature. I could see a warrior in him, with a thick moustache and his run up is something that I always try to mock whenever I get a ball in my hand. I never bowled leg spin and never could because; it’s not an easy art. It takes invariable practice, dedication and hard work to master that art. Jumbo as he is rightly called has a real big heart and his career span and records speak for it. Many talk about his perfect 10 as his career best. By no means can I discount that feat but, for me the test match at Antigua where he got hit by a bouncer and broke his lower jaw. No one would have expected him to even be by the boundary ropes but, this great bowler got onto the field and even got the Caribbean prince,Lara out. Even now in his last test where he injured his finger and had eleven stitches on it and still came out and had 3 scalps. He even ran backwards and took a catch in spite of being injured while many in the team dropped sitters. Anil was an underrated cricketer by the media and he made no big fuss about anything. Even when new comers were complaining that they deserved to be the next captain, Anil never spoke a word. This speaks volumes about this man’s character. Respected all over the world’s Cricketing Fraternity he truly is a Legend. Here again, I would like to add that the press played an ugly part towards the fag end of his career. He was not given his due and at the same time he was constantly under pressure questioning his fitness, lack of form and retirement plans. He himself came out openly and stated that he found it difficult to handle two teams when India toured Down Under. Here, by two teams he meant the Aussies and the press team which was always on the lookout for topics apart from cricket. Everything said and done, he still managed to conduct his leadership with élan and a style of his own which has become synonymous with dedication. It really is a sad day for me and I will definitely miss my childhood hero for sure when the Indians adorn the whites for the next time. Hail Jumbo for his contributions to the world cricket.

Sep. 16th, 2008

Deep down inside the rabbit hole

If at all anything proves constructive and worthy in my college then, it has to be the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. We started with the literary and debating society session once again from scratch last week and we had around ten members and we had no other option but to be contented with it. Two of my juniors had come prepared with debate and the topic they chose was "Education system in India" and by all means it was a one sided argument and people really had to crack their cranium to come up with something in support of the topic and this bears ample testimony to the quality of Education the we enjoy in India. Hold on! why do I blindly go by the majority and fall for their opinion ? Is it with one's perception a system changes? Whatever it is! alleast some of us in my college would still concede for the fact that our education system sucks! We had gone into little detail and we started voicing out our opinion on primary school,higher secondary and not to forget the college education as well. There were strong statements made from quite a few ,questioning the need to study calculus and other subjects if one has no spare of thought for it and if one is completely interested in something else. The topic centered around the fact that "gone are the days where imparting the basics to train the mind to think was of primary importance". We are unfortunately in a situation where just cramming is all you need to boost up ur percentage in the higher secondary exams'. Well this isn't certainly something anyone is not heard off but certainly something everyone needs to give it a hard thought .

Aug. 9th, 2008

Mixed Bag

A full house net centre and the murmurs never seem to sieze . Its a calm and overcast saturday and with the pace everything moves around me it makes me wonder if there is some embedded bio-clock in everyone's body that dilates its pace during every weekend. Empty corridors always creates a deserted environment and it's even worse when they are pretty long like what we have in our college. May be time had something to show me that I had rarely experienced . This semester has been different and satisfying for more than one reason and it would be better to quote the reasons later when everything gets materialized . I do feel the need to keep things intact and not to disclose them until you really do come up with your results but it's pretty tough to make amends so soon.

We had this ONE HELL OF A TREK sometime back and it really was THEEE MOST daunting task that I've ever done in my life personally , atleast in terms of the risk and physical demands. The place was fabulous and it was like playing with the jaws of death . We were in a place that was infested with elephants , Gaur(Indian version of a Bison),deer's and to say the least a few Tigers. We never knew that there were carnivores till midway and we were completely engrossed in what unfolded in front of our eyes. It was an absolute spectacle display of Nature's artwork and you ought to be the most insensitive soul on earth if u were not lured by its aesthetic beauty. We found a puny tortoise and it looked cute and we thought of carrying it with us and towards the end we decided to leave it to its own dwelling place. A trek of a life time .

QUENCH- the quiz club of BIT has so far been the highlight of tuesday. We have one session every tuesday and it has travelled leaps and bounds from what it was when we started this forum courtesy: enthusiastic second year's and other members of the club.

"Time is always against us"- Morphious quotes in THE MATRIX and its true especially when you are in need of it. With cricket University Zonals round the corner and with SCJP and a bit of GRE preparation to go with it I find it challenging to meet both ends. It's good to be occupied with something or the other .

Aug. 8th, 2008

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